Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How To Work With Others

In a previous post on The Road Map, we discussed leading in a technical environment. A major point in that discussion was the importance of getting a mentor, and leveraging the relationship to become a stronger technical leader.

I bring that article up because the tips in this next article, along with a mentor is perfect for you tech savvy leaders. Celine Roque's "10 Tips for Working with the Not-So-Tech-Savvy" offers hot tips to help you work with others. Her intended audience is web workers, but this message applies to others.

Roque's tip #1 Avoid Jargon - is atop of my list of biggest barriers when communicating with technical professionals. In my experience, using jargon is a surefire way to confuse others and hurt productivity.

However, with a little work and coaching anyone can reduce their use of jargon. One idea is to have a not so tech savvy teammate listen to your word choices.

Read Roque's thoughts on jargon and the remaining 9 tips to work with not so tech savvy workers.

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