Friday, September 14, 2007

Leading in the Technical Environment

Are you becoming a strong technical leader? While researching the topic, I ran across an article on this topic at iTtoolbox blog. James McGovern, enterprise architect, wrote of events leading him to seek a mentor -- on his way to becoming a stronger technical leader. The neatly packaged article is called "Becoming a strong technical leader."

The post highlights two points which are important as we strive to become better leaders. Number one, if you're going to develop as a leader, it is important to get a mentor. McGovern is a successful enterprise architect, but realizes the importance of developing a mentoring relationship. Number two, leaders must have resolve and persistence. McGovern shares an executive's story of resolve and fight. The executive shared with the group his past and a prior arrest. However, the executive didn't allow his past to get in the way of his future.

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