Friday, April 17, 2009

Invincible and Charged Up

It’s 9:00 Tuesday morning. In a half hour you have a big meeting with the executive team discussing your project. But you’re nervous about delivering the presentation before the group, so you review the material from that How to Deliver Winning Presentations seminar you attended --to help ease your mind.

The clock hits 9: 45am, and you’re feeling invincible and charged up because the coaching you received at the seminar gave you the tools you needed to keep your audience engaged and informed.

Your off to the Meeting

Next, you gather your presentation, you’re out the door, down the hall way to the meeting room with big leather chairs. You step inside, greeting the other participants with a big handshake and a smile, unlike other times when you’d take a quick seat. Charged up and ready to go, you even make small take with the new VP. All because you are not focused on blowing your presentation, but focused on connecting with your audience.

It's Showtime

Fifteen minutes into the meeting, you are called up for your presentation. During your opening introduction, the participants move to the edges of their seat. Why? Because you are tuned into station WIIFM (what's in it for the audience). They are engaged. They are listening. They are awake. You are rolling.

After the Meeting

You think to yourself, “If only every presentation could be like this…Why, I just might get promoted. "

Could this really happen to you? Don’t be surprised if it does.

Presentation Skills Training Works

Will you become a professional speaker with a few hours of training? No, but you will gain the skills to influence your audience through your message. You do want to become more influential...right?

Get started transforming yourself into a more confident and effective leader--sign up for a presentation skills course that will offer techniques to help you connect with an audience.

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