Friday, April 17, 2009

Create a Culture of Fulfillment

You hear horror stories about people working in jobs that they dread going to on a daily basis. It's hard to imagine, but a quick read of the newspapers proves it to be true. There is even a website called, I hate my work, where people can share their angst for their job.

Thinking on this subject, whose fault is it that people hate their work? Are the employees to blame? Or is management on the hook?

Patrick Lencioni, author of The Three Signs of a Miserable Job, believes management can play a role in creating a culture of job fulfillment. He points out that management should be aware of the 3 signs of a miserable job. They are:

People want to feel understood and appreciated

Employees want to know their work matters to someone.

Team members need a way of measuring the performance. Find a way to measure their progress.

This job fulfillment idea may be tough for you to swallow. For some, it may be weird trying to help employees find fulfillment in their job. What are the benefits of creating a culture where people experience job fulfillment?

Increased Productivity
Greater Retention and Lower Costs
Sustainable Cultural Differentiation

I recommend reading The Three Signs of a Miserable Job. When you're finished reading it, let me know your thoughts.

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