Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who is your Chief Performance Officer?

What drives performance in your organization? Before you answer -- Josh Bersin, of Bersin & Associates, discusses their research findings that points out what should be driving performance in your organization. He writes,

Organizations with a strong "learning culture" are 12-15% more
profitable over a 10 year period than those without such a learning
culture (The High Impact Learning Organization(r), 2008).

Organizations with strong competency-based performance management
processes drive higher revenue growth and profitability by industry (The
Role of Competencies in Driving Financial Performance, 2007).

This research brings to light the importance of expanding people horizons and knowledge. In my opinion, when people are engaged and expected to deliver results--the entire organization wins. So, even if you're not the chief performance officer, you can still increase team performance.

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