Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Handling Objections

When you are trying to persuade an audience your solution is best, it's a must to anticipate objections. How do you anticipate objections? Do your homework. Talk to customers, clients, and trusted colleagues. But don't stop there. Know your competition.

Here's how to successfully use research data in dealing with objections:
  1. Integrate the major objections in your presentation. This idea seems logical, but some presenters lose focus of this when presenting. Remember -- it's about your audience.
  2. Acknowledge your competition's strong feature.. and high light yours. Example, a local car dealer in a recent presentation, acknowledges that their competitor has an amazing showroom floor. He goes on to say it is a work of art. He then describes his showroom and the strategy they practice -- low overhead equals lower cost for car buyers.
  3. Bringing up third party testimonials. Try this --- Susie Customer objected to our price originally, but after investigating our commitment to quality and quick turnaround, she is now our largest customer.

Make your next persuasive presentation a winner. Anticipate objections and watch your credibility grow.

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