Saturday, August 8, 2015

Team Presentations

Watching team presentation failure can tough. Participating in one can be down right painful. There is potentially a lot at stake. Failure can be avoid though. One action to take when preparing for a team presentation: practice together. You to get a feel for what others will do and each member can get some feedback. Jot this down--at least person will say team rehearsal is not needed. Don't buy into this. Aileen Pincus says members shouldn't prepare for individual parts alone. She writes:
REHEARSE TOGETHER: However limited your time to prepare for the team presentation, don’t use that time solely for individual members to prepare for their individual parts alone. This is a team presentation and you’ll need to rehearse as a team in order to better see and hear the presentation the way your client sees and hears it. Give each other feedback on performance as well as content, with an eye toward how the potential client might view it.  
Read the entire article here. Do you have a story to share about your last team presentation?

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