Sunday, August 2, 2015

First Time Manager: Tips For Surviving

Survival is not a word I associate with managing. This doesn't discount that managing is a challenge but thriving is an objective. Over 20 years, my first management role was an eye opener for me. So many personalities and people issues. The technical aspect of the role was no problem. I was an ace technologist and knew how to get things done. However, I learned that a team was needed to get the work done for the department. As much as I tried, one person couldn't do the job. It was an overwhelming experience. This resulted in average team performance.

With a little bit of coaching, I learned to delegate and trust my team. I learned to pass on assignments without micromanaging the job and set check-in periods. I learned the power of getting to know my team and understanding their challenges. Did this happen over night? No, but I did a grow as a manager.

Read more on management in this article by Forbes offering steps for first time managers.

Drop me note to let me know what challenges you have as a new manager.

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