Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Innovation Nuggets

In today's competitive marketplace, innovation is not only a sexy buzzword but it's also necessary to survive and thrive. Just ask the U.S. automakers. You may wonder--how do we innovate? Let me say first, experts all agree that an innovative culture is vital if you want to innovate.

Strengthen Your Innovation Muscles, written by author Scott Anthony, shares ideas to help you develop an innovative culture. Here is an excerpt from the article:

Amazon Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said the customer and the problem has to be at the center of the innovation equation.

"It is much easier for us, and I suspect for many companies, to start with your skills and work outwards. But that doesn't allow you to do certain kinds of things," Bezos said. "If you want to really continually revitalize the service you provide the customer, you can't stop at, 'What are we good at?' You have to ask, 'What do our customers need and want?' And no matter how hard it is, you better get good at those things."


Other nuggets from the article--Five principles that can help your organization meaningfully increase its odds of innovating successfully:

1. Start with the job to be done.
2. Remember quality is relative.
3. Look broadly to change the game.
4. Assume the first strategy is wrong.
5. Capabilities define disabilities.

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