Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Get Results From Your Next Meeting

Just hearing the word"meeting" alone moves some folk into action. You can usually hear the moans and groans -- plus there is usually someone who says, "not another meeting!"

Why is this the case? Most meetings do not net any results, and those invited to attend meetings are aware of this. Sure an action list is drawn up, but in many cases the action list joins the other lists to form what I call a nice-to-have list. You may even have a few tucked away in your planner.

Kevin Eikenberry posted an article prescribing a plan that can assist you in producing results from your meetings. He believes the way to improve your meetings is create accountability. You want to know how? You may be surprised...

He says the first step to accountability starts with a question. Ask yourself -- why are you having a meeting? This is important in creating a desired outcome. Read the "accountability" article>>

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