Sunday, February 15, 2009

How Women Can Make the Most of Their Influence

Have women underestimated their influence? Women leaders Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice all realize the influence they have. What about you? Have you tapped into to your power to influence?

In her article, Nine Principles for Effective Leadership, Katherine J. Kehler says women don't realize the influence they have. She also believes men don't recognize how influential women are.
Read an excerpt from her article:
"If women would realize what an influence they have, they would be filled with pride. If men recognized how influential women are, they would be scared to death." It is said that we all influence at least 250 people in our lifetime. We each have the responsibility of leadership.

Every woman can be a leader. Yet results of surveys show that most women greatly underestimate their influence. At home it can be organizing our children to clean the house or, more important, instilling values and morals into their lives.

At the workplace, it can be motivating people for sales. We influence others by what we say and do–and by how we do our work.
Make the most of your influence, read Kehler's nine leadership principles.

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