Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to Get Your Boss to Trust You

Imagine if you had a formula for earning your boss' trust? Doing research on the topic of trust and management, it's no surprise that this is a hot topic. Trust is essential for team success.

If you are wondering how to earn your boss's trust, Michael Strange, a regional director at Neudesic LLC in Los Angeles, wrote an article just for you. He outlines steps to help you earn trust.

My favorite tip is:

Reward openness regarding problems. I have been shocked over and over by programmers who say, "I was afraid to tell you about this problem." It's essential to create project teams that work together to identify and work on outstanding issues, not hide them. Last-minute complications will be reduced, and predictability will improve measurably.

Why is this my favorite? Because in my experience, openness regarding problems really pays off. My favority saying is, "we can pay now, or pay later. "

Check out Strange's (ComputerWorld) article, How to Earn Your Bosses' Trust, posted on Journyx's project management blog.

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