Thursday, November 27, 2008

Failure of Leadership

In this post, we'll share several resources discussing failure and leadership. Each resource offers a different perspective on the widely-talked about subject -- leadership. Take a moment to read the following articles:

Why Leaders Fail...Even the Sincere Ones is an article written by Bonnie Gorbaty. Here's an excerpt from the article:

There are many reasons why leaders fail, many of which are out of the leader’s control. Other reasons they fail have to do with the leader herself. These are the "sincere failures," those who, despite their best, somehow, in the end, still didn’t get it right.

The reason for sincere failure

Why Leaders Fail is another article on the subject of why leaders fail. Bill Caskey writes on 10 causes for management derailment. Read an excerpt from the article:

Management Derailment
What is it? And what causes it?

The failed managers had many things in common. They were all bright, were identified early, had outstanding records of achievement, had few faults, were ambitious and willing to sacrifice. The groups differed in that the successful executives had…Read management derailment

Why leaders fail? 11 things to keep an eye on! is a pretty unique article list on leadership failure. Author Guy Bloom, an executive coach, adapts his article from the book Why CEO's Fail.
Read an excerpt from his post:

The brightest and the best leaders often fail, strangely (for them) not because of a technical inability but because of behavours that detract from their capacity to deliver.

Timothy Gallwey author of the 'innergame of work' came up with a simple equation P=p-i (Performance=Potential-Interference) and…Read 11 things

Why Teams Fail

I ran across this document, The 5 Top Reasons Business Teams Fail and What You Can Do About It, written by Sid Smith while researching the topic of leadership failure. If you’ve read extensively on the subject of team dynamics, this may be old news to you. But I think it’s helpful to a new leader. Read an excerpt:

You’ve taken the high road to business success, following the guidance of management gurus and industry experts. You’ve adopted the philosophy of the ancient sages. Now, you have an organization comprised of teams. Congratulations.

Now what?....Read the entire document: teams

Bill George, the former chairman and CEO of Medtronic and independent consultant Andrew McLean, a former research associate at Harvard Business School, wrote an article titled Why Leaders Lose Their Way. Their research draws on interviews with 125 successful leaders. Their research led them to identify 5 perils of the leadership journey.

The final article we'd like share is from one of my favorites, Mark Sanborn. Sanborn is a best selling author and motivator whose writings have positively impact people world-wide. In his leadership article, he writes of 6 warning signs of impending failure.

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