Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Want Concentration Power?

At a seminar this weekend, I was asked – what are the keys to focus and concentration power. My mind immediately flashbacked to Mrs. Williams’, my sixth-grade teacher, favorite saying--”concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.”

I didn’t share that thought, but I did mention several tips found on the Cultivating Greatness Blog. Author Leon Edward offers sevens tips to concentrate power:

1. Go with one step at a time

2. Take the initiative and do just five more things
3. Keep a note pad handy
4. Tunnel Vision for Better Focus
5. Take a break

6. Keep track of your time for tasks
7. Stagger your tasks

Step #3 is one practice that I've been working on. Sometimes I'd find myself out doing errands and an idea crosses my mind--but I'd spend several moments trying to find paper to jot down my thoughts.

What are you doing to focus better?

To see the full article, read about Concentration Power.

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