Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leave'em Wanting More

Just exactly how do you leave your audience wanting more? Last weekend I had the opportunity sit in on a Bill Swetmon seminar session. Mr. Swetmon is an international management consultant and corporate trainer having created, designed, customized, and presented over 5,000 training courses.

Over a 45 minute period he coached and demonstrated how to leave your audience wanting more. What exactly did he do?

Mr. Swetmon used the power of stories to connect with the audience. He didn't use boring or often-repeated stories, he shared personal experiences tailored to fit the audience. Everyone in the room was on the edge of their seat.

During your last presentation did use personal experiences or stories from the Internet?

Mr. Swetmon also extolled the use of humor while presenting. You don't want to deliver a comedy routine, but you do want to develop some humorous stories and illustrations to generate some laughter. Laughter is relaxing to your audience; and a relaxed audience is more prone to connect with your message.

Visit Swetmon's website for great resources.

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