Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Using Stories: Grab Your Audience

John Baldoni, leadership consultant and coach, recently released his book, "How Leaders Get Great Results," highlighting the importance of leaders communicating effectively. In one portion of the the book, he discusses the power of using stories to get a message across. He reinforces his message by sharing the communication secrets of other well known leaders.

The point he is driving home is relevant because stories are widely used by top speakers to get their point across. As I thought about his book, I realize that many are not comfortable using stories in their message. In addition to Baldoni's book, there are other books that discuss the stories and communicating. Here are four reasons I believe you should use stories:

1. Stories Get An Audience Listening
Audiences can associate themselves with stories.

2. Stories Are Entertaining
Let's face it. People have other things going on in their life. It is easy for them to lose focus during a presentation. Increase the odds of keeping everyone focused, use a good story.

3. Stories Provide A Change of Pace
Everyone needs a change of pace.

4. Stories Connect You and Audience
Your stories give your audience a glimpse you, not some "suit"or distanced leader.

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