Friday, May 23, 2008

A Top Producer's Key To Success

Do you consider yourself enthusiastic? If I were to ask your co-workers or clients, what would they say? Many of us would probably answer with a resounding yes to the first question, relating to the second question, we may not be to sure of the answer. To be sure and learn to inject enthusiasm into your activities, read what one expert says.

On John Farrington's blog, he has posted Enthusiasm Sells by Mike Brooks. The guest author Mike Brooks, "once a bottom 80% producer, Mike learned and perfected the skills of Top 20% producers and became the number one sales rep out of 5 Southern California branch offices." He is a credible source and knows his stuff.

Early in my training career, having signed on to deliver a new member presentation for a volunteer group, I learned the value of enthusiasm. On the occasion - the edge was missing as the session kicked off and my co-trainer brought it to my attention during the first break. It was my job to create an exciting atmosphere, but I was failing.

I'm a pro I thought - having delivered similar programs hundreds of times to businesses and other volunteer groups. In a few moments though, my big head began to shrink.

The conversation went like this. He asked, where's your enthusiasm? Of course I thought he was kidding. He went on to point how it seemed I was lacking energy (the language was cleaned up). I thought I was being enthusiastic, but my audience saw it differently. To this day, my personal development plans include resource reading and coaching on interjecting enthusiasm in my daily walk. What's your plan?

For additional reading on enthusiasm and increasing your productivity, check out How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger's. Bettger shares a road map to becoming enthusiastic. His core message is on page 13.

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