Thursday, May 22, 2008

Start Your Presentation This Way, Look Like an Amateur

Before your big presentations, do you tap or blow into the microphone to test it? If you do, you may want to read Chris King's post, How to Use a Microphone Effectively. "Both are hard on the equipment and signs of an amateur," writes Chris.

Chris, a professional speaker, shares more sound advice on using a microphone. How many times have you witnessed a speaker deciding to go without the microphone? I have -- believe me, it can get UGLY with a large group. It's probably OK for small audience, but Chris' advises everyone to use the microphone "when it is available."

Additional information by Chris:
  • Not all microphones are created equal.
  • Check the microphone ahead of time
  • Practice raising and lowering the microphone
  • Know how to turn the microphone on and off
  • Purchase a high quality microphone for your own use

If you forget everything in the article, please remember her advice -- know how to turn the mic off. Speakers wearing lapel mics into the restroom happens alot. Yes, it is embarassing every time. Read mic

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