Saturday, May 10, 2008

Signs Of A Bad Boss

We've either worked for one or heard stories about one - bad bosses. However, we never think of ourselves as that bad boss. It's only natural, we are sometimes blind to our own shortcomings and tend to think it is the other guy. But what do our organizations think of us and our shortcomings?

To really find out our shortcomings (and grades) in the boss category, we have to seek feedback from our peers and employees. And it doesn't stop there -- we must take action to make use of the feedback. Does 360 degree assessment sound familiar? I know executives who shy away from such feedback exercises. Don't be one of them. Why?

As the boss, you have people who are depending on you to be the best you can be. We all know that a win the boss is successful, the team is usually successful. Now, it's not totally the responsibility of the boss to guide someones career, but bosses do play a part. Just read how resume and career expert Tamara Dowling, CPRW, describes the employee - boss relationship:

"Your boss may be the second most important person in your career, second only to yourself. It is a special relationship, one that can be rewarding, or painful. Don't take this important part of your career for granted."

I hope you are thinking about your marks as a boss. Do your employees trust you? You -- don't take the boss- employee relationship for granted. Are you exhibiting any signs of a bad boss? Let me know your thoughts on 7 Signs of a Bad Boss.

Here is another article where the "new guy" saw signs of a bad boss at his new gig. What would you do if you were in his situation?

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