Friday, April 4, 2008

Get People to Follow You

John Maxwell, the leadership expert, mentioned a great concept in evaluating leaders. He suggested looking at how well your leaders leads in a volunteer environment. Before I go further, remember leadership is about influence. At the corporate office, managers have a title, so this influences people. Team members must respond to the corporate leader or face consequences. In the volunteer arena you can't fire folks, therefore influence is the key to success.

When I mentor young leaders on success, I suggest they develop leadership experience through volunteer opportunities (something that's dear to them). Taking a leadership role in their community or their professional association is win-win. By doing this they can learn to influence and lead others; and the volunteer organization benefits from their expertise.

If you're a volunteer leader or soon to be one, check out this article by Beth Terry, a Certified Professional Speaker and author. Terry, aka The Corporate Cowgirl, discusses leadership and followership. She gives sound advice on getting people to follow you. Read more, Effectively Creating Followership.

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Beth Terry said...

Ron - thanks for finding my blog. I couldn't agree more. Volunteering *is* the fastest way to success. It shows you care about the organization, it helps everyone who belongs, and people get to know the real you. (Now - of course - if the real you is not all that great, work on yourself first. THEN volunteer... LOL)