Saturday, January 26, 2008

10 Ways To Empower Your Team

Empowerment is fancy buzz word these days. I even use the word in my mission statement. Leaders bark, "we are empowering our team." But do we really know how to empower our team and others. Call of The Wild blog has posted ten tips to help you empower your team.

The tip that stands out for me: Tip # 6 -- Delegate Authority and Impact Opportunities, Not Just More Work

We do not empower others or help them grow by only delegating to them busy work. Maybe you've experienced this yourself. The meaningless jobs we don't want to do. The goal of empowerment is to develop and provide our team with tools to suceed. Why not delegate a portion of that upcoming customer meeting or another important event. A little trust in the beginning goes a long way in the end.

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