Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Plan a Successful Leadership Retreat

One of the better leadership decisions I made was to plan and schedule a leadership retreat. At the time, I was searching for ideas to bring my leadership team “closer” together. Our small organization had just finished up a challenging year and the pressure was on for the new year. A friend suggested a retreat, but the thought of blowing the budget on a meeting did not excite me at all. However, my concerns soon eroded as I began to talk with other leaders about their experience with leadership retreats. I learned the key to a successful event was focusing on the team and our mission, not trying to keep up with the Joneses. Months later my team and I held a successful retreat.

Now before you dismiss the idea of planning your retreat, read All Business’ Nine Tips for Planning a Successful Leadership Retreat. You too can plan a successful team building event. Do it for your team. The nine tips are:

1. Invite the right people to the table.
2. Plan with purpose.
3. Carefully consider where you'll meet.
4. Make it matter.
5. Eliminate distractions..
6. Hire some help.
7. Feed their stomachs to fuel their minds.
8. Follow up on decisions. Maintain your focus

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