Thursday, September 6, 2007

When Someone Steals Your Idea

While chatting with a good good friend over the labor day weekend, we somehow drifted to the topic of stolen ideas. As we talked, I thought back to my experiences of having my ideas stolen. Yes, it was more than once. Whats weird about those past situations...the robber was my best office friend.

It wasn't till I started talking to others, did I realize what was going on. My friend wasn't giving me credit for the cost-saving ideas I shared with him. It didn't take long to realize I needed to stand up for myself. After my friend and I talked, he was surprised by my anger. He didn't realize he was doing anything wrong.

If you or you know of someone experiencing this, you may want to skip over to GottaGettaBlog! Barry Zweibel, noted business and personal life coach, wrote the article "When Someone Steals Your Idea" to help out in such situations. Read a portion of the article here:

"You don't believe what you hear. A colleague you previously considered a friend has infuriated you. She just reported to you how excited the boss was to hear her great idea on how to cut the company's printing expenses by twenty percent while improving the quality of the corporate communications program. At lunch last week...Read more

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