Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Case Study On Leadership

What lessons on leadership can you learn from the Albert Gonzales case? Michael Goldberg, managing editor of, posted an article offering his insight on Gonzales' leadership failures.

While reading the article, I had several ah-ha moments. One, I was impressed because the author didn't get into the political aspects of the case. Two, the material lessons are not new, but you too will say ah-ha when the author points out Gonzales' obvious leadership failures. As it is written, we can become better leaders by observing and avoiding the mistakes others make.

Here's an excerpt from Goldberg's article, "Albert Gonzales as a Case Study in Failed Leadership," on He writes....

In top-tier leadership positions, there are inevitably crisis episodes and challenging chapters. The question is what should a leader do in response to those challenges. In the terms of a business publication like, Gonzales failed to lead his organization in three ways:

1. Gonzales misread when it was time to go.
There comes at least one time in every leader's career when a big test is knowing when it's time to leave.

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