Friday, August 24, 2007

Troy Worman's Interview with Remarkable Author

The interview of Kevin Eikenberry and the Roadmap will appear at a later date. But check out this interview of Kevin with Troy Worman of the OrbitNow! blog. It is a blast!

Interview with Kevin Eikenberry, Author of Remarkable
August 22, 2007

By Troy Worman

TW: Kevin! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. I loved the book. It’s an instant classic. But inside the back jacket is a picture of you in a burnt orange sweater? What’s up with that? Are you affiliated with the University of Texas?

KE: Ah, not so much, but as a Purdue Boilermaker, I’m forever grateful for the lack of foresight in not signing hometown hero Drew Brees. In case you haven’t heard, he’s a pretty good quarterback.

TW: Ah, yeah. New Orleans is diggin’ him right now. So, what were you doing before you started the Kevin Eikenberry Group?

KE: I worked in a number of marketing and training roles for Chevron Chemical Company and Chevron Corp. up until September 1993.

TW: Corporate America. Fun. On writing the book, which chapter did you most enjoy writing?

KE: That is an interesting question. I think Remarkable Leader are Continual Learners is the one. It really flew out of my head and through my fingers. I believe strongly in the power of learning and that learning is truly is the foundational competency for remarkable leaders

TW: Cool. Enough about you. Let’s talk about everyone else for a second. How do you think globalization has changed leadership in corporate America?KE: I think it makes our job more complex for a variety of reasons: We do more work virtually, making it harder to build relationships (or requiring new strategies to do so), there is a greater pull to be “on” 24/7, which makes it harder yet for us to step back, reflect and learn, and we have more diversity of people to lead and work with – which, while a good thing in so many ways still adds to the complexity we face.

See the remainder of the interview here.

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