Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rules of Engagement: Ways to Increase Staff Productivity

I came across an interesting article that is perfect for today’s contact center leader. Have you been asked to do more with fewer employees? That’s a loaded question because I know the answer is yes. Every organization I’ve partnered with, continually asks its leaders to increase productivity – do more with less. Even if you haven’t been asked to do more with less, it’s important for you to increase productivity within your group, team or volunteer group. Organizations just work better when there is a focus on continuous improvement.

The Customer Service Group published this excellent newsletter article, “How engaged are your service Employees?” Why do I recommend you read this article? According to a report from Sibson Consulting, “Customer-centric companies invest in staff productivity.” Why? The report says “engaged employees are more productive employees.” The bottom line ...the productivity of employees in the contact center plays a huge role in customer satisfaction. Now keep reading to see the newsletter's tips on how your organization can increase productivity through engagement.

There are four types of interventions that have proven effective in increasing engagement. Here’s the description of how:

  1. Increasing the business literacy of your staff.
  2. Actively involving a broad base of employees in the development of organizational actions and initiatives.
  3. Designing work processes and jobs that represent meaningful work and have a clear line of sight to customer outcomes and business results.
  4. Infusing flexibility, autonomy, and accountability into work processes and the overall workplace culture.

Click here to view the full length article “How engaged are your service Employees?” at the Customer Service Group website.

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