Friday, May 20, 2011

What are your customers saying behind your back?

What company do you admire? I admire Progressive  (and my insurance agent Ken McKinley) because of their customer focused attitude. I get the feeling that I’m more than a “number” to the organization. Plus, I just love Progressive's wacky commercials.
Take a look at  Progressive's vision:  
We seek to be an excellent, innovative, growing, and enduring business by cost-effectively and profitably reducing the human trauma and economic costs of auto accidents and other mishaps, and by building a recognized, trusted, admired, business-generating brand. We seek to maximize shareholder value and to provide a positive environment that attracts quality people who develop and achieve ambitious growth plans.
It's easy to write about the people you do business with -- when they provide great customer service. Are your customer's writing good things about you?

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