Sunday, July 25, 2010

Author Mike Harris on Finding Your Lightbulb

Are you looking to discover a million dollar idea and make it happen? If the answer is yes, Mike Harris suggests you check out his book. Harris' says people reading his book Finding Your Lightbulb '…can use [it] to find their own light bulb – to discover an idea worth millions and make it happen.'

Harris provides practical advice in six video clips on his webiste. They include: Introduction, Great Leadership, Innovation, Customer Engagement, Culture and Funding. If you have to choose one clip to listen to right now, may I suggest you listen to the clip dicussing customer engagement. Why? Because the customer will help us identify the needs and wants of the marketplace.

Why finding powerful ideas and making them happen is a sure-fire way to success in any business plus the key skills required to do this.

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Great Leadership
How to provide the sort of leadership which makes ideas happen and the key principles which lead to success.

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How to find winning ideas and shape them into successful products and services during implementation.

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Customer Engagement
How to get close to customers, understand their drives and desires and use this information to develop your new product or service.

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How an organisation's culture either empowers new ideas or stifles them. How to create a culture where innovation is a valued asset and a competitive advantage.

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How to find someone ready, willing and able to back an idea financially.

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'It's a book which almost anyone can use to find their own light bulb – to discover an idea worth millions and make it happen.'

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