Friday, May 29, 2009

Being Politically Savvy and Ambitious

While listening to a lengthy Jack Welch interview, I came across three points that made me rewind the clip. Though I believe at this time he was hawking his book, he did offer some good information.

Now back to the 3 points. Welch was asked for his remarks on how to balance being politically savvy in your career and company with your personal ambitions. He says:
  1. Have the ability to over deliver. Welch says if you want to be a star in your career, you have to constantly go above expectations. He goes on to say you should be positive that you are over delivering.

  2. Have a positive attitude. This doesn't mean being Mr./Ms. Sushine. Having a positive attitude is more about having a can-do attitude.

  3. Don't wear your ambition in a neon light. It's important to work in the framework of the team. He says that if you make your team and boss look good, rewards will come your way.

See former General Electric CEO, Jack Welch, comments in the clip.

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