Friday, December 5, 2008

Trim the Fat from Your Slides

According to a new study of about 360,000 Europeans, there is a link between belly fat and cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Will the population will pay attention to this study? My guess is some will, some won't.

Just as people ignore advice on health issues, some managers ignore advice on delivering power point presentations. Hundreds of articles have been written advising presenters NOT to add lines and lines of text to their PowerPoint slides; it's a risky move. This is a very common mistake witnessed during presentations.

Will managers pay attention to this advice? Some will, some won't. I recently sat through a presentation with text covering almost every inch of the slides. People were nodding off as the speaker read the lines of text.

A good rule of thumb -- 4 points per slide is a good number (key words only). Remember, you are the focal point of your presentation not the power point show.

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