Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Get Palin Speech Power

Just over a week ago, a governor from Alaska bolted on the scene with a dynamic speech. Whether you are a fan or not, you must give Governor Palin good marks for her delivery. She definitely connected with her audience. What did she do right? Note: this is note a political message.

In my opinion, it was her use of stories and vivid imagery. She had her audience in the palm of her hand. You didn't have to guess about her excitement level.

Want to add Palin power to your presentations, add stories to your next speech.

Read other benefits of story telling -- written by leadership expert John Baldoni.

1. Stories Get An Audience Listening. Audiences can associate themselves with stories.

2. Stories Are Entertaining, Let's face it. People have other things going on in their life. It is easy for them to lose focus during a presentation. Increase the odds of keeping everyone focused, use a good story.

3. Stories Provide A Change of Pace. Everyone needs a change of pace.

4. Stories Connect You and Audience. Your stories give your audience a glimpse you, not some "suit"or distanced leader.

In short, stories will add more wattage to your presentations-- reminding folks that you have something important to say.

A word of caution --Take Patricia Fripp's advice when it comes to stories. She says, avoid borrowed stories. These stories quickly lose their appeal.

If you are short on stories, talk to family and friends about little incidents that have happened in their past. This is a great way to get your juices flowing.

Make it a goal to add power wattage-packing stories in your next talk.

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