Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Want To Increase Your Productivity?

Get rid of the clutter. I know...It's easier said than done. I'm working on a clearing out a storage closet. But let's take a look at what the clutter is costing you.

Mike Nelson, author of Clutter-Proof Your Business; Turn Your Mess Into Success writes, "Between 80 and 90 percent of the information we save has no real value. Surveys show that average Americans spend an entire year of their working lives searching through desk clutter or looking for misplaced objects.

Nelson goes on to write that "Executives waste up to six weeks a year looking for misfiled or mislabeled papers." Just image what you could accomplish with the lost time?

Need help with the clutter? The Declutter It blog posted an article, 12 ways to Cut Paper Clutter to help. Here are the top 3 solutions:

1. Pay all your bills online: And why not move all your banking activity to online while you’re at it.

2. Ban stickies: I know, some are super cute. But good lord those stickies add up. Once you get some, you get stickie mad and use them everywhere.

3. Ban scratch pads: Also come in many adorable varieties, plus they’re small and mobile. They also create massive paper piles. But one tiny spiral notebook and write notes only in that. Recycle it when you use it up, and grab a new one.

Be on your way to increased productivity, read the entire list of 12 solutions.

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