Monday, April 28, 2008

Get a Handle On Those Complaints

What's your plan when a customer complains? It's not a loaded question, but it is one to get you thinking. I've worked with customers whose plan was to simply ignore the customer and hope the customer would not make a big deal. Now, they didn't ignore the customer, they ignored the value of the complaint. You probably have heard the comment comparing a complaint's value to that of a gold nugget -- something like that. Anyway, complaints can be a great catalyst to a healthy business.

Look at the battle for business with cell phone providers. Customers complained of being locked into long term contracts and limited minutes. Now you can purchase cellular service without a contract and it's common for traditional cell provides to offer free-unlimited minutes on nights and weekends. Why did they introduce creative phone plans? To keep their current customers happy and attract the unhappy customers from their competition.

Make it your priority to develop a plan to handle customer complaints --any Tom, Dick or Harry can ignore complaints. Check out this customer service to get started.

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