Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to Write and Deliver a Dynamite Speech

Delivering a speech to your church group, work team or another group doesn't have to be boring. When I first decided I wanted to be an extraordinary speaker, I focused on filling my speeches with numbers and facts. My plan was to dazzle my audiences with my intelligence.

To my surprise- I did just that with the opening of my speeches. However, after a few minutes most audience members lost interest faster than the Texas Rangers lose ballgames. The numbers and facts were great, but something was missing. Going back to the drawing the board, my coach offered advice similar to what communication expert Doug Stevenson shares in his blog article.

In Doug Stevenson's blog, he describes how you can write and deliver dynamite speeches. No longer do you have to resign yourself to delivering"safe, boring" speeches. Drawing on his storytelling and business background, Doug shares a key step to write and deliver a dynamite speech that will have your audience members hanging on to every word you say.

You may be surprised at what he has to say because we all were mesmerized by this technique in our kindergarten years. So we tend to overlook this strategy when working on that big upcoming speech for fear of not being taken seriously. See what Stevenson writes...Read Speech

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