Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eight Mistakes Networkers Make

by Harrison, Craig, DTM

Poor Networkers….

Mumble. A mumble is a speaking stumble. People mumble their names, their occupations and their titles all the time. Your name is irrelevant if we can’t hear it.

Fail to emphasize the benefits of what they do.

Are stuck in a monotone delivery. If you can’t convey your qualifications, passion and your product or service’s viability in 30 seconds, you’ve lost the opportunity. Use vocal variety, intonation and enthusiasm to speak confidently about yourself, your products and services.

‘Spiel’ too long. Networking is not the time to deliver a speech. Keep your message short and sweet. Be succinct.

Get lost in mixed messages. Strive to send consistent messages verbally, non-verbally and in your marketing materials and correspondence.

Neglect to mind their manners. Bad Networkers can’t make small talk, don’t show an ability to exchange pleasantries, and they interrupt others.

Sling Slang. Beware of the use of contractions, excessive acronyms and name-dropping.

Disrespect the Tao of Networking. People who are friendly to those they believe can help them, yet rude to those they believe can’t help, disrespect networking.

Source: Harrison, Craig, DTM. Toastmaster Magazine. Nov 2006

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