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Traits of a Problem Solver

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10 Ways To Become a Problem Solver
Something that we all seem to have in common is problems. Some see problems and give up immediately. Others thrash about or throw money at their problems with the predictable results that they continue without resolution, often getting worse. I have watched people carp, duck and hide, pull their hair, cry, lash out, etc. None of these produces the desired effect of solving the problem. Certainly, it never solves the problem in ways that are good for all parties involved.People who aim to truly solve problems seem to have several traits in common. Here's my top 10 list of these traits.

#10 - Problem-solvers get a good fix on reality. They do not spend a lot of time in dreamland, wondering about what coulda been or woulda been if things were different. Things are NOT different - problem-solvers know this and act accordingly.

#9 - Problem-solvers do not gripe and do not make trouble for others.

#8 - Problem-solvers are self-starters. They do not wait for someone else to point out that there is something wrong. And they don't wait for someone else to tell them how to fix it.

#7 - Problem-solvers do not keep lists of grievances. Problem-solvers may keep a few objective examples of a problem to use as evidence when problem-solving discussions arise.

#6 - Problem-solvers engage their imaginations to come up with new solutions that they can try out, and they have the guts to go forward as they test their solutions.

#5 - Problem-solvers do not look to others for assurances that cannot be delivered. They know who does and does not make decisions, and try to work with those who do.

#4 - Problem-solvers are nimble-minded, tough-love optimists who work tenaciously to solve the problems facing them.

#3 - Problem-solvers are capable of allying themselves with others so that if a problem goes beyond their personal abilities, they can make use of the talents of others.

#2 - Problem-solvers effectively juggle their entire load of problems so that they all get resolved. They don't let any one problem so dominate their attention (except in emergencies), that they can't multitask. Here they attend to one problem. A few minutes later they're busy solving another. They don't make everything else wait until something is solved completely. They work on multiple fronts as best they can.

And the number one attribute of Problem-solvers:
#1 - Problem-solvers go the extra mile to solve problems and to help others solve their problems. They value win-win solutions whenever they are possible.Are you a problem-solver?

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