Thursday, January 31, 2008

Small Business Owners and Ethics

We hear a lot about ethics in corporate america, I even wrote [a] post on the scandal linked to Ex-Tyco CEO and leader Dennis Kozlowski. However of late, I've been reading of ethics and the small business owner. Corporate America has plenty of resources available to put plans in place to create an ethical culture. What about the small business owner?

Eve Tahmincioglu , a regular contributor to the New York Times and BusinessWeek’s SmallBiz magazine, posted an article (msnbc blog - Your Biz) discussing ethics and the business owner. She references sources that offer tips on creating an ethical atmosphere in the businss. Here's tip#1 listed in her post:

1. Design your business to focus on the Magic Triangle of Honesty, Integrity, and Quality. When your company stands for more than the bottom line, the bottom line actually increases.

Read the entire ethics post.

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