Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Failing Forward

Jonathan Frye at LeadershipJot.com posted a good article on failing. His post-- 3-Steps for How to Respond to Failure -- shares information that we sometimes forget when dealing with failure. Frye says failure be can be a springboard to better leadership if we learn from the experience, share what we learn from the experience, and jot down what we would do if we had a do over. Check out the post.


Jonathan Frye said...


Thank you for posting about my article and for the comment on the post. You are right that "So many times we just shutdown and struggle to learn from the experience." Imagine how our world would change if people learned to respond to set-backs differently.

I'm writing a new post today for my blog (about leadership) with a great quote from Thomas Edison. The topic is still about failure, but with a different angle. Check it out when you get a chance.

Jonathan Frye

Ron Bland said...

Jonathan..great of you to stop by. I look forward your latest post.