Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Power of Momentum

While striving to wow my customers, I still remember the mantra of my high school football coach. He would say, "Guys, momentum is one key to success. We've got to get the momentum." Today, I relay this same message to my team because whether it's sports or business, momentum is crucial when aiming for goals. For example, my leaders build momentum and excitement to reach month-end KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). I've paid thousands of dollars to attend seminars where the speaker pounded this topic in the minds of the audience. Do yourself a favor, study the topic of momentum and see its power.

Let me share one experience where momentum made a difference in my career. In early 2000, I was marketing an educational program of not-for-profit group. The initial goal was to close one deal a month - twelve for the year. We worked really hard but we didn't close a deal in month one. Early in month two, two deals were closed and this started some buzz. We used this to create momentum -- twenty deals were closed over twelve month period. It was the power of momentum. Read what writer Brian Kim has to say about this topic,

He has posted a blog article discussing creating momentum. One thing that he shares in the article -- is the statement that "rarely will you see momentum built from the get go." Whether you agree or disagree with the statement, it's a given that we can't go all out all the time. We have to pace ourselves and overcome occasional setbacks.

Read the article!

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