Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bringing Out the Best in Generation Y

Over the next two decades, as the baby boomers enter retirement, organization's workforce will consist largely of Generation Y workers. According to Deborah Gilburg, author of Management Techniques for Bringing Out the Best in Generation Y, Generation Y or Millennials, require a different style of management versus previous generations. Gilburg offers " the lowdown on what makes them tick and how to work most effectively with them."

Look at how Gilburg characterizes the Millennials:
"There's been a lot of talk recently about Generation Y. Its members, born between 1982 and 2005, are known for their sense of entitlement, outspokenness, inability to take criticism, and technological sophistication."

Despite the previous characterizations, Generation Y members are a talented, tech-savvy group. Gilburg writes, "Statistically, Millennials are the most pluralistic, integrated, high-tech generation in American history—traits that make them ideally suited to our increasingly demanding, diverse and dispersed global workplace."

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