Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ms. South Carolina's Response

What happened to Miss Teen USA 2007 Contestant- Ms. South Carolina could happen to anyone. By now, you've seen or heard her attempt at answering a pageant question on live television. Ms. South Carolina - Lauren Caitlin Upton's response was indeed confusing, but I don't understand all the fanfare. And I really don't agree with the negative comments directed at the young lady.

Being asked to speak on a topic with little notice, many people will get butterflies and lose their train of thought. But there is help. The key is -- training and practice. If you or someone you know is having anxieties about impromptu speaking, I recommend Toastmasters International. Toastmasters is a communication and leadership organization dedicated to helping people to become better speakers and leaders.

Here some techniques listed by a local Toastmasters group to help you improve your impromptu speaking ability:

1. Define the purpose and objectives of your speech.

  • Stop, stay calm and cool in order to formulate your talk.

  • Get your goal clearly in focus by defining your purpose or viewpoint.

  • Decide your starting and finishing points.

  • State the reason why you are speaking on the subject.

  • Open strongly using

    - "I believe that ....... the reason being....."- "My experience shows ...... because ........."
    Remember if you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there!

2. Choose a Specific Illustration, Experience or Example.

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